From July 2019 to September 2020 I worked as Kotlin/Java/Oracle Developer in the DevOps team Delivery. We started as a Scrum team mainly working with Oracle technology. In the end we were responsible for a Kotlin based microservices architecture. I coached the team with pair programming to understand the features of Kotlin. The difficult part is not learning Kotlin or functional programming. It is in leaving the familiar secure environment. Most things can also be done with the old tools or the old ways. I recommend putting the new procedures on the wiki. The new tools can be very overwhelming. Everybody can discuss the procedure and contribute in explaining the tools. Here we can also explain the why and the road ahead. If an old procedure works better than there is no need to change the method. Replacing old systems is a very complex job. Cleaning up old functionality after new feature releases should always be done as quick as possible. Putting it on the backlog is not enough. Always ask the question: when can we remove the code or remove the system. Closing done an obsolete system should always be top priority, because it adds too much unneeded pressure on the DevOps team and SRE teams. The business does not want to maintain the same dataset twice. So always ask why do we want to replace the current system. If you like to replace the system, try to get a grip of it first. Event Storming and DDD is a great way to split it into understandable domains. Each domain can be starting point for replacement. A good way to start is to tackle a main component, e.g. order. If you look at every order status change you can give it a event name. This way the flow throw your domains can be made visible. The business should understand and reason about it and together you can create plans. Pair programming is the first step in solving little problems together. Small steps will align the team, and the business can be served better. The domain is the business and if we understand them, they will help us improve their system. Keeping the codebase clean and modern and documenting your procedures is the way to survive DevOps.